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Why “STEM”?

As you probably already know, STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. STEM is often talked about in the context of jobs and education. There is a shortage of students showing interest in STEM careers compared to the increasing number of STEM related jobs that are created each year. While this is an important topic, STEM is about more than just careers in the future. For me its really about making these topics what they should be, fun!

If your K-12 education was anything like mine most of your time covering these topics was spent reading through textbooks and memorising information. It’s no wonder kids aren’t interested in STEM careers, we’ve made them look boring! There are so many fun and exciting experiments, tools and other activities that can make learning about STEM topics something that kids actually look forward to. That’s the aim of this site.

Why “Easy”?

I think the best kind of STEM experiments and activities are the ones you can actually do. If the activity is easy to set up and do you are more likely to actually do it, right? There’s certainly a place for more advanced activities and experiments. There are a ton of awesome resources online for those as well. I wanted to focus on the things that you can do on your own with things you either have around the house already or can find very easily. You won’t find activities here that require you to have a degree in…well…anything. No crazy materials required, no hazmat suit required.


Easy STEM Lab Scientists